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Cowboy Joe Club
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Priority Points

Priority Point System

Our priority point system is designed to reward longtime supporters of Wyoming athletics while allowing new donors and season ticket holders to acquire appropriate benefits in recognition of their support of student-athletes.

Benefits are allocated in a fair, equitable and consistent manner using the Athletic Department’s Poke Priority Point System.

Please see below for the formula chart.

Annual Points Earned

Lifetime Giving 1 point for $100 contributed to Wyoming Athletics Tom is a $200 Annual Cowboy Joe Club member. He would receive 2 points they would keep forever
Cowboy Joe Membership Consecutive 3 points for every CONSECUTIVE year as a minimum $100 member. Points go away if you do not renew Josh was a Cowboy Joe Club member at $100 for three straight years. For this, he would receive 9 priority points for consecutive membership. If he does not renew in year four, he would lose 9 points. He would not lose the points he received for gift value ($100 x 3 years = 3 points)
Season Tickets Lifetime 1 point for every season ticket ever purchased for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball Pete’s family owns 4 season tickets for football, 2 for men’s basketball. That would equate to 6 priority points they would keep forever.
Season Tickets Consecutive 1 point for every season ticket CONSECUTIVELY purchased for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball. Points go away if you do not renew Larry has owned two women’s basketball tickets for 25 years in a row! He would receive 50 points for the consecutive ownership. If he does not renew in year 26, he would lose 50 points.
Online Renewal/Join 5 points for joining or renewing annual membership online
Volunteer Fundraising 10 points for the first recruited new member paid and 5 points for each new member solicited and paid thereafter.

One-Time Points Earned

UW Graduate (per degree, max 30)

10 points per degree

UW Employee

10 points

UW Student-Athlete Alumni

25 points

CJC Board of Director

25 points

CJC Board President

25 points

*Cash contributing members only

**Please consult with your tax adviser

***Pledges need to be paid in full or on an automatic, pre-authorized payment plan prior to June 15th to qualify

Member Rank

The member rank shown illustrates the rankings of Cowboy Joe Club members by priority points for 2021.

Member Rank Number of Points
1 109,291
10 13,932
50 4,146
100 2,204
200 629
500 560
1000 344
1500 230
2000 168
2500 127
3000 100
3500 80