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Cowboy Joe Club
Cowboy Joe Club

Scholarship Circle

The Scholarship Circle is comprised of a group of donors who are making a significant financial commitment, on an annual basis, to dramatically impact a student-athlete’s academic and athletic success. Scholarship Circle donors are assigned a specific student-athlete that matches the donor’s interest and criteria.

Through this special giving society, donors receive the following benefits:

Personal interaction with their assigned student-athlete throughout the year (within NCAA rules)

Invitation to an annual reception for all Scholarship Circle donors and student-athletes

Personalized plaque with the student-athlete’s photo

Equivalent credit and benefits in the Cowboy Joe Club

In 2020, there were 87 donors who were considered Scholarship Circle donors because of their $10,000+ membership contribution to Cowboy Joe. Contact the Cowboy Joe Club office if you would like to be a part of this special group of Cowboy Joe Club members.