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Methods of Support

Gifts in the form of cash, check or credit card (Visa, American Express or MasterCard) are the most popular form of giving.

You are invited to give a new gift, renew your membership and review your personal account status with this new Cowboy Joe Club online feature. Links for this feature are on the main CJC page. All members who take advantage of this new service and renew their membership online will be granted an additional 5 priority points (a $500 value).

If you or your spouse are affiliated with one of the 600 matching gift companies in the U.S., your firm may match the value of your annual gift to the Cowboy Joe Club. We encourage donors who have this matching gift program available to take advantage as it may double or even triple your annual contribution. The total amount received will be applied to your benefits, priority seating, priority parking and priority points. All matching gifts are added to a scholarship endowment at the UW Foundation, so this match is eligible to almost all companies.

Beginning in 2008 all annual gifts to the Cowboy Joe Club made by a current faculty or staff member will be matched 100% by the Wyoming Athletic Department. Any gift of $100 or more is eligible for the match, and the gift plus the match will count towards membership benefits, priority seating, priority parking and priority points. Only two benefits are unavailable to faculty and staff who take advantage of the match program – travel with the team and premium personalized parking in AA or D.

Annual gifts can be paid over 12 months, quarterly or semi-annually by scheduling automatic payments through a credit card or checking account. This allows you to spread your donation over a period of time rather than pay in one lump sum. You can take advantage of this new service by going to your personalized online account on this site or by calling the Cowboy Joe Club office. Please remember all pre-authorized scheduled payments must be completed by December 31st.

University of Wyoming employees may be eligible for a monthly payroll deduction. Payroll deduction is similar to automatic deductions, and your pledge must be completed in full by December 31st.

The Steer-A-Year program is a way for our Ag community to get involved in Wyoming Athletics. By donating calves or cash, you can support UW in-state student-athletes, the UW Rodeo team, and UW Animal Science Judging teams. For more information contact the Cowboy Joe Club.

A gift of an appreciated security, real estate, bonds, or trusts can be beneficial to you and the Cowboy Joe Club because such gifts are encouraged by favorable IRS regulations. Gifts of these kinds must be approved by the Executive Director and the UW Foundation. Please call the Cowboy Joe Club for more detailed information.

At the discretion of the Executive Director, the Cowboy Joe Club can accept certain gifts and services.

Other than contributing to the Cowboy Joe Club annual scholarship fund, gifts may also be made to the endowment and for capital (facility) enhancements:


The Cowboy Joe Club is proud of the Athletic Endowment Program. Gifts to the athletic endowments are invested and a portion of the return is used to fund scholarships each year. This enables our endowments to grow and reduce the dependence upon the annual drive each year. A new scholarship or endowment can be created with a minimum gift of $25,000, which may be funded over a number of years. Contributions can be made to the Cowboy Joe Club unrestricted endowment fund or to existing endowment funds.

Capital gifts that provide funds for new and improved athletic facilities are vital components to the success of Wyoming student-athletes. Naming opportunities are available through contributions earmarked for facility enhancements.

If you need more information regarding Methods of Support
Please call the Cowboy Joe Club at 307-766-6242