Cowboy Joe Club
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January 20th, 2018

Priority Parking Benefits are available to all Cowboy Joe Club members who make their annual contribution by June 30th.

Priority Parking Allocations are based on current year giving level as well as priority point total. Donors must request their preferred parking location by June 30th. A best available parking permit will be allocated if no request. FOR PRICE AND LOCATION BREAKDOWN, PLEASE CONTACT THE COWBOY JOE CLUB OFFICES. There are no guarantees as to location, and all lots are assigned depending on availability. To request a parking permit, please indicate your top parking preference on the membership form, on your renewal statement, or by contacting the Cowboy Joe Club at 307-766-6242.

Due to Phase II Construction of the Arena-Auditorium and the Mick and Susie McMurry High Altitude Performance Center the Cowboy Joe Club reserves the right to temporarily change parking allocations based on construction site needs.

AA and D parking allocations will receive an assigned parking place for the the entire 2017 football season and 2017-2018 men’s and women’s basketball seasons.  AA, D, Ford Stadium Preferred and Tailgate Alley lots are considered “premium lots” and will be designated for CASH CONTRIBUTIONS ONLY. GIK donors may qualify for IPF, Ford Stadium, Summit View, H, X, VA and Brown Lots.

Tailgate Alley parking requests are made directly through the Cowboy Joe Club. Request must be made by June 30th and priority will be given (1) based on previous years’ allocation and (2) priority points. For price and location breakdown, please refer to page 9 of the donor guide.

RV Parking is available by request and will be allocated based on current year giving level as well as priority point total in the Ford Stadium Lot, IPF Lot or Summit View Lot. RV parking in these lots does require a special RV permit and requires the minimum donation that is shown. Motorhomes, fifth wheels and trailer along with the vehicle must be confined to the designated space. Additional RV Parking is available in the North Lot. Any Summit View or Brown Lot pass holding member can access the North Lot. If more than one space is required due to the size of your RV, it will be mandatory to hold more than one pass. Additional passes can be obtained through a second CJC membership. RV pass holders will receive a parking pass that must remain in their vehicle along with a sticker that must be present and visible on their RV or trailer.

Tailgating is not only allowed, but encouraged, in all Cowboy Joe Club permitted lots. Open container lots for 2017 include the AA, Ford Stadium, FA, H, IPF, X, Summit View, Cowboy Field, and North Lot, and run through the end of the third quarter. Parking is available Friday prior to home football games. Please contact Cowboy Joe Club to secure entrance.

Parking Requirements shown are the minimum contributions necessary to be considered for any given lot and still does not guarantee that you will receive a permit for that location. Due to the variation in availability and the number of requests received, your priority point total plays a critical role in the final allocation of permits.

Priority in the Ford Stadium and Summit View lots will be given to season ticket holders who meet the minimum donation requirement as long as both the donation and lot request are received in the Cowboy Joe Club office prior to June 30th. Priority point total will decide the allocation of any remaining inventory.